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Birding Backyard is an educational platform dedicated to the world of birds and nature photography. Our aim is to inspire bird enthusiasts to explore the avian world and appreciate the beauty of backyard birding. Through informative articles, stunning photographs, and useful resources, we strive to foster a deeper connection with nature and promote bird conservation.

About the Author

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Brian Roy - Nature Photographer

Brian Roy is a renowned nature photographer specializing in capturing breathtaking images of birds and wildlife. With a passion for both birding and photography, Brian combines his skills to create captivating visuals that showcase the beauty and diversity of avian species. His portfolio can be explored at BrianRoyPhotography.com.

Our Mission

At Birding Backyard, our mission is to:

  • Provide valuable insights and educational content about various bird species, their habitats, behavior, and identification.
  • Promote birdwatching as a rewarding and accessible hobby that can be enjoyed right in your own backyard.
  • Encourage the conservation and protection of bird habitats, advocating for the well-being of avian species and their ecosystems.

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